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Dedicated Services

At Intrasky, we are experts in designing, building, and managing networks, which provide both local and global coverage. Offering local service support and immediate equipment installation, we make available fail-safe and customized dedicated connections via SCPC technology.

Our services support various applications to enhance Internet accessibility for embassies, government, military institutions, banks, NGOs, TV stations, oil and gas companies, etc.


Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) transmission is the preferred choice for Quality of Service (QoS) sensitive application to enable Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and other delay critical applications.

Key Features
  • High-speed broadband dedicated Internet access;
  • Point-to-Point connectivity among the network sites;
  • Low or high data rate transfer;
  • Wide area Intranet for corporate;
  • Supports voice, data, and video.


Highly effective, the flexible and low-cost SCPC/DVB-S2 delivers Internet access over DVB-S2 standard platform. This solution consists of three main components: Forward Link Subsystem, Return Link Subsystem, and auxiliary added value capabilities.

Key Features
  • Forward (downstream) channel use the DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting) multiplex;
  • Return channel (upstream) works on the standard SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier);
  • Unlike SCPC/SCPC, this solution enables connectivity based on allocated bandwidth from a large pool of bandwidths;
  • Low-cost platform;
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy;
  • Easily upgradeable via remote configuration;
  • High QoS with customized SLA.