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Inclined-Orbit Services

Satellites in Geostationary Orbit have an operative lifespan. Near the end of its life cycle, a satellite will adopt an Inclined Orbit moving pattern, but its availability or stability is not affected. To continue benefiting from the satellite, antennas are equipped with a dedicated feature to keep track.

In terms of Internet connectivity services over inclined-orbit satellites, we are a leading global provider with robust installation and servicing capabilities, including earth stations and teleports at a fraction of the cost when compared to other services. We currently use the most advanced technology to enhance quality and modulation during weather fluctuations.

Key Features
  • Service available on many satellites with various geographical footprints;
  • Industry standard equipment employing leading technologies;
  • Data rates up to 155Mbps;
  • Downlink with DVB-S2;
  • Robust SLA;
  • High-quality Ku and C-Band service.