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Intrasky provides you with the latest, hi-tech, and cost-effective broadband services, which are ideal for users in business enterprises and small office/home office (SOHO).

Our services are based on advanced satellite transmission techniques centered on reduced cost terminals that enable sharing of a satellite bandwidth between several terminals, both in the upstream (forward channel) and downstream (return channel). This provides different service classes for various user groups using Intrasky's own hub.

Key Features
  • High-speed, reliable, and flexible bandwidth sharing among multiple sites;
  • Automatic bandwidth reallocation among sites;
  • Support Virtual Private Network (VPN);
  • TDMA-based in routes;
  • Star topology;
  • Built-in TCP and HTTP acceleration;
  • Advanced QoS and prioritization;
  • Ethernet connection and L-Band interface;
  • Broadband Internet and Corporate Intranet access;
  • Able to provide burstable bandwidth for clients;
  • Cost-effective equipment.