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Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Intrasky provides comprehensive mobile and tracking management solutions for multiple industries. Combining the latest Global Position systems (GPS) technology with GPRS communication and/or Satellite Imnarsat D+ tracking systems, we offer the most innovative fleet management technology and vehicle tracking services.

This service helps you keep track of your assets anywhere around the world through our customized PC-based fleet track program or online WebTrack application tracking software.

Our high-tech system can be used and installed in most vehicles, implemented in many industries, and incorporated into a variety of management information systems and databases, helping you gain full control over your business and property.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary Internet-based asset management and tracking system that can be activated worldwide by simply logging on to our website;
  • No need to load software;
  • Easy-to-use, reliable, hassle-free;
  • All vehicles can be tracked around the clock.
The WebTrack system generates multiple reports such as:
  • Time-Frame reports: shows all positions sent by units;
  • Last Position reports: view the latest position recorded;
  • Today-position reports: shows all positions of every unit as sent today;
  • Scheduled-report: enables user to receive any report by e-mail;
  • Group Set-up: generates scheduled reports for various groups and subgroups;
  • Quick position report;
  • Speeding report;
  • Activity (stops) report;
  • Overtime driving report;
  • Distance traveled;
  • Utilization report;
  • Event report.

Google Earth Integration

Google Earth is the Internet-based virtual globe, map, and geographical information application. With this program, you can view your assets and thousands of points of interests, such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Our tracking system is interfaced in the Google Earth platform, enabling you to view all your vehicles on continually updated Google Earth maps.

XML - Extensive Markup Language

This feature ensures that no matter your database, management Information System, or ERP system, reporting information can be easily effected between the two different systems.


By simply sending a message to our SMS (Short Message Service) service, requesting information on the latest updates for individual units, you are able to receive vital information such as panic activations.