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Our VSAT Private Network is your guaranteed long-term dynamic bandwidth allocation solution for instant, secured, and easy transactions. We deliver integrated end-to-end networks operated by private communication hubs, and information transmission between your headquarters and branch offices around the world.

This service is vital for network operators, offering service on multiple satellites, multiple transponders, multiple bands, or multiple outroutes. The system supports C, Ku, and Ka band transponders.

Combining our gateway capabilities with our expertise in network transactions, we provide a full set of systems for the network communication market. These solutions can easily be tailored to suit your various requirements and network specifications.

The following summary highlights some key features of the various reliable solutions we offer:

Key Features
  • Designed to ensure identical traditional broadband terrestrial network;
  • Excellent transponder capacity and bandwidth utility;
  • Utilizes native IP solution and fast rapid bandwidth- on-demand system;
  • TDM/TDMA Star/Mesh Networks with complete features;
  • Provides one inbound/outbound network capability;
  • Supports full scalability range;
  • Delivers real time services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and video;
  • Manages networks efficiently with a centralized Network Management System (NMS);
  • Supports high data rates and encryptoption;
  • Combines several network applications from various sites without the need for multiple hubs;
  • One hub can host networks on up to five different satellites with while maintaining a different band;
  • Supports1,000s of remote terminals;
  • Lower cost of entry enabling organizations to easily provide service;
  • Fast Return-on-Investment (ROI);
  • Savings on frequent monthly satellite space costs;
  • Provides Frequency hopping (MF-TDMA), for a more efficient network design.